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Import items from .csv file. Choose a .csv file from your device and then tap import data

import data

Read this before importing

The app allows you to import big lists of Items. This can be really useful for users who already have a tabled list of the items they sell. This feature can also be used when you want to load the same list of items on multiple devices

You can import only .csv files

All major table editors support .csv export. Simply open your product list with Excell, Open Office Calc, or Google docs, and save it as .csv file.

Make sure you choose the following settings when saving the file as .csv:
- Field delimiter: ,
- Text delimiter: "

It is very important that your file looks exactly like this:

id name price
0001 USA Beer Cap Map 75
0002 Star Wars Socks 19.98
0003 Individual Sriracha Packets 14.99
0004 Victorinox Inox Cybertool 1124.99

*the head of the table must contain the words id, name, price without any capital letters or spaces

All items added through the Import feature are saved on device memory. We do not keep a copy of these items on our servers